Introducing our Crisis Management Masterclass

During this 2-day, highly-interactive and assignment-driven Masterclass, you will learn how to prepare your organisation for the next “unforeseen” crisis. Watch this video for full details. 

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Practical Approach

Be ready for what you sign-up for! This masterclass is assignment-driven. Using a series of real-life scenarios we trigger typical crisis situation through social media, journalists and so on. And be aware, we will throw in some curveballs on the way.

Small Group

We cap the maximum of attendees to 10. This will ensure lots of interaction and allows each attendee to practice. Assignments are team-based and – after completion – will be reviewed as a team to understand what went right and what needs to be improved.

Output Driven

The objective of this masterclass is to equip attendees with the skills and tools to be able to build their own effective crisis management plans and teams. Day 1 will lay the groundwork, and during day 2 we will put the theory in practice and test how ready you are.

Tony presenting at a recent Conference Tony presenting at a recent Conference

Introducing your trainer: Tony Ridley

If Crisis Management had a name, it probably would have been called Tony! He is the Asia Pacific authority when it comes to Crisis and Risk Management.

In his 25 years of managing crisis incidents, he was directly involved with the Bali Bombings (2002 & 2005), Sydney Hostage Crisis (2014) and London & Paris Terror Attacks (2005, 2007, and 2015), to name just a few. 

Based on his extensive experience in both the private sector and Special Army Forces, he has developed a blueprint for Crisis Management which is now used by Fortune 500 companies. This blueprint is also the foundation of this masterclass. 

Read his full LinkedIn Profile here.

Course Logistics

  • Duration: 2 days (8 hrs each)
  • Location: Singapore (CBD)
  • Dates: Coming Soon!
  • Lunch & Refreshments Provided
  • Limited to 5 attendees per masterclass
  • Total Fee per attendee is US$ 899,-
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